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Molecular Structure Laboratory

Univerisity of Wisconsin-Madison | Department of Chemistry

Updated: March 31, 2014


The Crystallography Laboratory provides state-of-the-art single-crystal and powder X-ray crystallographic facilites and services to the members of the Department of Chemistry as well as to external collaborators.

Wisconsin Crystal Growing Competition - 2014


The first state-wide crystal growing competition will take place in Wisconsin in 2014. All Wisconsin high-school students and home-schooled youths are eligible.

Powder Diffraction


Instrument: Bruker D8 Advance (Installed in August 2012).

Trained users may sign up on the calendar page to use it in accordance with our instrument use policies.

All users are required to pass the Radiation Safety Training (Radiation Safety 106).

To become a trained user contact the lab director.

Single-crystal diffraction

Instrument 1: Bruker Smart Quazar with an APEX2 detector and a Mo microsource (installed in December 2009).

Instrument 2: Bruker Smart with an APEX2 detector and Cu conventional tube source.

Sample submission form

Notes on OLEX2


ReciprocalNet - the in-house database

Cambridge Structural Database

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