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Molecular Structure Laboratory / Education Updated: December 4, 2018

Chemical Crystallography Course CHEM613

In the spring semester of odd years the Chemistry Department offers Chemical Crystallography 613.

Two Power Point presentations by Charles Campana on Basic Crystallography - Theory and Practice. Lecture 1. Lecture 2.

Structure Determination by X-ray Crystallography by Patrick J. Carroll (University of Pennsylvania)

X-ray diffraction, an on-line course by Joe Reibenspies (Texas A&M)

Springer - Internation Tables


Symmetry @ Otterbein - wonderful interactive web site, especially the Symmetry Gallery.

Excellent Symmetry and Space Group Tutorial by Bruce Foxman.

Symmetry video - 11 minutes, 64 MB. This "psychedelic" movie from the 1960s illustrates symmetry with proper music.

Site with resources on structures containing several independent molecules in the asymmetric unit.

Space Group Diagrams and Tables

Three-dimensional space groups

Escher Web Sketch

Reciprocal Lattice Visualization

Program SMART1k for visualization of the reciprocal lattice and diffraction by crystals by Len Barbour. Smart1K manual. Updated Oct 10, 2014. The program is now called EwaldSphere and it, and related paper and powerpoint, can be downloaded from the Barbour Laboratory web site.

Program XRayView for visualization of the reciprocal lattice and diffraction by crystals by George Phillips. Updated Oct 10, 2014.

Fourier Transform

Kevin Cowtans's Book for Fourier Transform - explanation of the phase problem and X-ray diffraction.

Fourier Transform/Diffraction Simulation, Fourier Transform Tutorial, n-Dimensional Fourier Transform, Introduction to Fourier Transform for Image Processing

An interactive guide to Fourier Transform by Kalid Azad.

An Intuitive Explanation of Fourier Theory by Steven Lehar

SHELXL Software package

George Sheldrick's SHELXL page.

Shelxl Cheat Sheet from the X-ray lab at Texas A&M University.

Diffraction Experiment

Single Crystal Diffractometry using the Apex2 Software: A Tutorial by Bruce Foxman.

Kappa giniometer animation by Charles Campana.

A program for viewing the intensity weighted reciprocal lattice by Len Barbour. This program requires your own hkl file.

Instructions for crystal alignment by Daniel Kratzert.

Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Experiment through the eyes of Dr. Maik Tretbar (Schomaker Laboratory) - a PowerPoint presentation.

Crystal Growth

Tips for crystal growing

How do crystals form?


The UW-Madison Chemistry Library has a good spectrum of links for X-ray Crystallography.

Links to books and references are available from the Chemistry Library Page.

Interesting Links

Awesome wrapped in awesome: guidelines on how to prepare an Impactful Scientific Poster.

Resource Database at the American Crystallographic Association web site

2014 Wisconsin Crystal Growing Competition

Did you know that shoe size and fit in the USA/UK/Canada used to be determined with fluoroscopes and pedoscopes?

The 40th Once upon a Christmas Cheery in the lab of Shakhashiri - Zr show (December 2009). For more info see http://www.scifun.org/xmaslect/Xmascheery2009_broadcast.htm


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