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Molecular Structure Laboratory

Submit a sample

Molecular Structure Laboratory / Submit a sample Updated: October 26, 2015

If you plan to send us a sample we will appreciate your following the steps below.

1. (a) If you wish to establish a new collaboration you will be interested in our co-authorship policy and costs involved.
    (b) If you are a current collaborator you know why you want to collaborate with us.

2. Send us an e-mail to discuss the shipment.

3. Print out a double-sided copy of our submission form (available in two formats, SubmissionForm.pdf and SubmissionForm.docx) and fill out the front page; the back page is for our internal use. The more information you provide to us the better off you are.

4. Ship the sample to

Dr. Ilia A. Guzei
2124 Chemistry Department
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1101 University Ave
Madison, WI, 53706

We prefer to receive crystals in mother liquor. The best way to send samples is in sealed ampules, especially if the samples are air- and moisture sensitive. For tutorial on how to seal ampules see the movies Sealing a vial with a solid and Sealing a vial with a liquid recorded with the help of our glass-blower. The movies are ~10 MB large and may take some time to launch.

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