Bruker D8 Advance

The Bruker D8 Advance is a powder X-ray diffractometer equipped with a Cu Kα conventional sealed X-ray tube and a Lynxeye detector (room 2143). The photos show the entire instrument and a close view of the goniometer.

The instrument enclosure reads “D8 Discover” because the enclosure of our D8 Advance diffractometer can accommodate a larger D8 Discover instrument – ideal for a future instrument upgrade.

The instrument is equipped with an XYZ sample stage.

Several front-loading and back-loading sample holders as well as zero background plates are available to the users.

The Department has nine simultaneous licenses for the Bruker software used in the powder diffraction laboratory and all users are welcome to install it on their lab comuters. However, the software runs only on the computers plugged in directly into an internet port inside the Chemistry department.

The instrument was commissioned in August 2012.

All users are required to pass the Radiation Safety Training (Radiation Safety 106) and instrument-specific user training. All trained users can book time on the powder diffractometer.

Instrument operation notes are available to trained users.

If you can also view the powder diffraction lab live over the University VPN connection.