Charges and Fees

Single-crystal X-ray diffraction analysis

As of March 1, 2020, the following charges have been instituted for academia users:

  • Unit cell determination – $ 20.00.
  • Partial data set with a structural solution (Cu radiation) – $ 60.00.
  • Partial data set with a structural solution (Mo radiation) – $ 100.00.
  • A complete dataset acquisition only (without structural solution and refinement) – $ 100.00.
  • A complete structural characterization (also see Co-authorship Policy) – $ 220.00.
  • Users collecting data independently are charged $100 per data collection.

For all datasets acquired at low temperature the cost of liquid nitrogen is billed directly to the group. For the academic out-of-house customers the cost of the liquid nitrogen is $15.

Powder X-ray diffraction analysis

  • A room temperature powder pattern – $50.00 (This is not done routinely and should be discussed beforehand).
  • Users collecting data themselves are charged an hourly fee.
  • The instrument access is generally limited to the members of the Chemistry Department.

Industrial Users

Contact the Director of X-ray Laboratory with questions about service fees.

University and College of Letters & Science overheard charges

The university overhead (50%) and the departmental overhead (6%) are added to all charges (as of March 26, 2020).