Bruker Quazar

The Bruker Quazar SMART APEXII diffractometer with a Mo Kα (λ = 0.71073 Å) IµS radiation source is equipped with an Oxford Cryosystems low temperature device model 700 (aka Gromit). It is located in room 2121 of the Shain tower. Check out the Gromit webcam (UW-Madison VPN required).

The photos show the instrument and a close-up of the enclosure.

This instrument is ideally suited for structural characterization of crystalline organometallic and inorganic materials as well as crystals of small size.




Most data acquisitions are conducted at 100 K, however experiments at other temperatures in the 90-400 K range are possible.

The size of the X-ray beam measures 160 microns in diameter and requires precise crystal alignment.

This instrument was commissioned in November 2009.

User instrument training is conducted upon request.