Sample submission

Single-Crystal: All users are required to fill out the first page of the submission form and submit one form per sample. The submission form is available in two formats, SubmissionForm.docx and SubmissionForm.pdf. Please print the form as a double-sided document. A supply of submission forms can be found on the sample submission table in the X-ray Lab (2121 Chemistry).

We can handle stable, air- and moisture-sensitive, and solvent-dependent crystals. If you are not sure how sensitive your crystals are – handle them as air-sensitive and submit them in mother liquor in a hermetically sealed container.

If you wish to get your sample back check the correct box on the submission form.

For specific questions or concerns regarding your sample you may contact Director of X-ray Laboratory by e-mail or in person.

To submit a specimen by mail follow the steps on the Submit a sample page.

Powder Diffraction: Users are responsible for preparing their samples. Sample holders and related equipment are available as communal equipment at the Powder diffraction lab (room 2143).